The Beginning

Hi there.

I don’t know how to start this out. Maybe with something philosophical?

……maybe not. Anyway, I finally took an initiative to document the things that I’ve been doing outside of university life. It took a while for me to get on board this idea. Constantly having self-argument and sometimes my flatmate (more often than usual ahah). Don’t worry, it’s all constructive for the most part.

What you could expect from me is photos of places that I’ve been throughout my 4 years in Scotland (and beyond) with the occasional recipes that has my own personal twist to it. Hence the name “Of Boots & Cooks”. I know, it took me forever to make this a thing and that’s the best name that I could come up with.

Everything starts from somewhere, so whatever foundation that has been laid down, the possibilities are seemingly endless.

I guess I did have a philosophical comment to give. This one is on the house.

Till then, adieu.


aspiring trekker and cook



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