A bachelor’s cuisine

I’m still trying to figure out how to manage this site. I’ve been looking into the settings and am currently testing various layouts. So bare with me on this. To think I’d be this tech savvy person who can’t even handle a simple website.

Anyway, to more important affairs. I’ve recently had this craving for a nice homely meal. The kind of meals that get you all cozied up and running back for seconds. It’s been awhile since I had a mama meal.

( ctx: mama meals are what I call the food that my mom makes whenever I’m back. It’s always nice to have someone cook for you; especially those you love)

Being the bachelor that I am, my thoughts were looming over pizza, take-outs and pre-made supermarket meals. It doesn’t help to also have a flatmate that has a passion for such appetites.


I managed to get out of that trance and push myself into making/testing my new recipe; Black Peppered Beef Fried Rice

In all it’s glory

Before I get hunted by the fried rice enthusiast, bare in mind that I like putting my own twist into the recipes I used. You would’ve known that if you had read the “About page”. *shameless self-promotion

I tried experimenting the beef by searing and basting it like a steak. Notice the pink hues on the meat. It gives that extra texture when biting into it. I used a standard black pepper sauce base for the rice. Then again, I only had scraps to work with.

Anyway, it took longer to prep the whole thing but it came out just the way I imagined it. It’s always a good feeling when you’re able to create. Especially when it’s food related. Maybe I’m bit bias. Meh.

The final touches

Thus, that concludes this post. I thoroughly enjoyed making this and being able to share it with everyone. I’ll try to make this into a thing where I talk about the food that I make and/or come across. It won’t be consistent but I’ll try to keep it up with my schedule.

Till then, tchau



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